Facebook’s Been Obviously Interfering Into Myanmar Election

RFM : Maryland, 24 – 10 – 2020

Myanmar people have been losing freedom of expression under Noble Peace Prize holder Suu Kyi’s regime since she was elected in 2015.
Suu Kyi’s regime has been paying 50 millions of US$ Facebook company to control Facebook users.
“The democratic groups will soon be global enemies because they always create the new names for the movements they want just before they get the power and they violate after they got it. It’s been happening all over the world. Almost everyone knows about it but they don’t  express it. We feel what they have been doing is different to what they had told. Actually, Democrats are just the rats of human societies” said James Pauler to RFM.

Western democratic countries had strongly supported Suu Kyi since 1988 unrest in Myanmar. She had in various ways attacked on Myanmar regimes as junta or autocrat, incited the people to protest against what they seem to be injustice and encouraged them to ask for freedom of speech and democracy and so on.

Innocent and honest people believed in her speeches and stood behind her very firmly. Therefore, they without secondary thought had voted for Suu Kyi in 2015 election. And Suu Kyi got power to lead the country.

“After Suu Kyi got power, “We” the people began to understand that every word Suu Kyi had spoken to people was lie and worse than a loved-promise given by whore. She is worse than traitor. She destroys everything in the country. She destroys our economy, our education, culture, tradition and spirit. But we believe that she and her companies would get the equal results for what she had done” a Mandalay local resident told to RFM.

Suu Kyi power-abuses not only on ground life but also on social media called “Facebook”. Facebook team was lavishly hired for apparently 50 millions of US$ a year to oppress on freedom of speech.

“The community standard set up by facebook team is double-standard policy. Most of posts based on captioned pictures and untrue stories insulting on Buddhism and Myanmar people last on facebook for several days or years. When Myanmar people post true stories about whats happening either Rakhine state or inside Suu Kyi’s government, facebook delete not only the post but disable the facebook accounts. Now, facebook interference into Myanmar politics is the worst phase of all times. Facebook allows Myanmar facebook team hired by Suu Kyi led government to track on users’ information. It directly threatens the security of its users. Anyway, we have been collecting the documents what facebook team had done to Facebook users and we will file legal charges against Facebook Company” said Kondoliza Maltis a member of PEMG to RFM.

According to RFM research, Facebook has been attempting to manipulate on election rallies by making Suu Kyi led government more visible to Myanmar users.


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